What Clients Have to Say About Intrinsic Partners


Having completed two very successful searches with Tony, I can honestly say that he works around the clock to deliver value to his clients. He listens well and focuses on exactly who you need and gets them to your doorstep FAST. Both searches were completed very quickly and I had many highly qualified caniddates to choose from. I'd have no hesittation working with him as we continue to build Coupa.

- Rob Bernshteyn, Chief Executive Officer of Coupa



The interesting thing about working with Tony versus other recruiters is that it’s actually fun and it also helped me appreciate the art versus the science of the recruiting process.

Where many recruiters simply rely on their database and recycling the same old names, Tony is a master at actively seeking out top-tier candidates who meet both the cultural requirements of the company as well as the spec.  He is highly execution-focused and for our specific search at Aria Systems, he quickly helped us assess our needs, created strong interest in the market and ultimately identified and helped us close the best candidate.

I have absolutely no hesitation in working with him again and I’d gladly recommend Tony to any venture firm or early-stage technology company.

- Ed Sullivan, founding CEO of Aria Systems



Tony is a valuable asset for the Hummer Winblad portfolio.  His vast experience across the different functions of an organization means that he quickly gets up to speed on a search whether it's a CEO, Sales, Marketing, Engineering or Finance executive we're looking for. 

Because he limits the amount of searches he takes on at any one time, we know that each search gets the level of attention it needs and deserves. We're also pleased that he takes the time to get to know our companies well in advance of our search needs.  This allows him to hit the ground running when it's time to conduct a search. 

His track record and level of contacts ensures that our story gets to the appropriate people and he doesn't stop until the search is completed. 

Hummer Winblad has worked with Tony for many years and I will continue to work with him because he consistently gets us the results we need.

- Doug Hickey, former Partner at Hummer Winblad Venture Partners



Sincere thanks for your help with our recent executive search.  I found you to be sensitive to our needs, responsive, hard-working and appropriately aggressive in seeking the best possible candidate for the position.  I've seen some recruiters present a list of candidates from their database, and you're left to choose among them.  I was very impressed that you paid close attention to our requirements and actively sought out candidates that fit the profile - whether you'd worked with them in the past or not.

It was truly a pleasure working with you.  This was our first opportunity to work together, and I'm certain it won't be our last!

- Jon Goldstein - Venture Partner, Catamount Venture



It was great working with you because you did everything right. Many searches hit a bump mid-way through, and when ours did, you went out and got more very qualified candidates and you actually sounded happy about it.  I’ve worked with recruiters enough to know that they usually become a pain in the neck at this point. Thanks for making it a good, highly professional, and above all successful experience.  

- Michael Neal, CEO of SignalDemand, Inc.



I've known Tony for more than a decade and I count him as one of the best. Through all the years we've interacted, I had been exposed to some very interesting opportunities and Tony always took the time to make sure the fit was right on. Although we never had gotten to the finish line on anything in the past, I'm pleased that Tony and I finally connected on a great company that has all the components that I was looking for in my next opportunity. I know he and I will be working together to continue to build Success Metrics into an industry leader and a terrific success story. I'd have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to anyone I know.

- Joseph Murphy, former SVP Sales, Birst



I have worked with Tony on many assignments. This guy is like Colombo, he always gets his person. I am always more interested in finding the right person than finding people fast. However, Tony presents excellent people in a very time-efficient manner...a great definition for "outperform."  

He’s achieved a level of respectability within the top tier of executive ranks very few ever achieve so we consistently get the chance to engage excellent people very early in the process because they are, in effect, "doing Tony a favor by speaking with us." This is an unbelievably effective recruiting technique...it's honest, and it promotes the "give and take" dialogs that most senior people really enjoy having.  

In any event, I would be delighted to recommend Tony to any company or venture capital organization.

- John Abraham, Partner at ArrowPoint Ventures



I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your insight and guidance on the CEO position at Optiant. As you well remember, given numerous choices at the time I was considering a change of venue, I trusted your judgment based on several years of experience of working with you that you would only make a recommendation for an opportunity if it had serious merit. I am very pleased to say that both our judgments have proven extremely well founded. Optiant's potential in talent, technology and market opportunity has taken off like a rocket. The team has proven not only to be great to work with but incredibly bright and self motivated. Even our discussion on inheriting four extremely bright founders has worked out as you predicted in a highly complimentary way.

Having worked with several top flight search firms I can comfortably say your service was top notch. You not only gave great advice on the quality of the deal but were very supportive in following thru to ensure that I and the hiring founders reached a positive conclusion. Best of luck to you on future engagements and YES of course I would hire you again to help me grow Optiant into a phenomenal company.

- Dan Ross, Former CEO of Optiant



Tony consistently delivers for North Bridge.  He finds us world-class executives, he represents our companies well and he demonstrates good judgment.  He is extremely focused from start to close.  Tony has become a key resource for us and I have no hesitation in working with him in the future.

 - Jamie Goldstein, General Partner at NorthBridge Venture Partners



Tony is the consummate search professional - research driven, aggressive in the pursuit of candidates, and sensitive for both industry and organizational issues. He is a winner and we look forward to working with him in the future.

 - Mark Sherman, General Partner at Hidden Lion Ventures



I had the pleasure of working with Tony on what turned out to be, a very difficult CEO search. What impressed me the most was how he persevered through some very challenging issues. Where most search firms would say “The search is over”, he never gave up. We wound up with a terrific CEO and had the opportunity to interview several very highly qualified candidates during the process. I have no hesitation working with him again and referring him to any of my colleagues.

- Tom Scholl, Partner at Novak Biddle Venture Partners



Tony has done three major searchers for us over the past 18 months.  We have been completely satisfied in each case.  We have seen great candidates in the early stages and he has been highly effective in helping us close our top prospects.  When things had taken longer than expected, he always worked hard to ensure positive results.  At this point, based on results, Tony is the only retained search professional we would consider using.

- Arthur Holden, Former CEO of First Genetic Trust


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